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At The Geek Patrol we provide "E" solutions for small to medium sized businesses in the Washington D.C. metro area USA.

We are a Microsoft solutions provider and we are also major supporters of open standards and open solutions such as Linux, Open Solaris, Open Office and & Open Source in general.

Please take a look at our site to see our solutions and the services we offer, if you have any questions hit the contact us page and drop us a line, one of our highly trained staff will contact you ASAP!

Again thank you for coming to The Geek Patrol online.

Want to make a free VOIP call? (And see the power of Asterisk)

Email us for a PIN number and we will give you directions on how to have The Geek Patrol PBX call any phone you like and give you a dial tone that will allow you to use our PBX to call any place in the US for free. This will allow you to see the power of asterisk and at the same time see the voice quality of Telasip our gateway provider.

Email us at pin@gpatrol.com

Credit for this process: Nerd Vittles






Seven Eleven Store # 11720
"The Geek Patrol came to our rescue, after the blaster worm crashed like 10 of our PC's they showed us how to secure them without losing functionality!"

Donald Hamburger D.D.S.
"The GP helped us with our email and website, the Desknow groupware is great! The built in Instant Messenger really comes in handy! Thanks GP!"

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Contact us for in depth product information and support as well as pricing and availability.

Address: 425 Palmspring Drive North Potomac, MD 20878
E-mail: info@gpatrol.com